Frequently Asked (Chocolate) Questions

What is Fino Chocolate made of?

Four pure, simple ingredients:
Cacao Beans 
Cacao Butter 
Organic Cane Sugar 
Whole Vanilla Bean


What is "bean-to-bar" chocolate?

The term bean-to-bar refers to the process by which artisan chocolate is made. Fino Chocolate is made in house, by hand.  We start with pure Nacional cacao beans. The beans are roasted and cracked. The outer shell layer is removed from the beans, to obtain the edible portion - "the nib." This process is referred to as winnowing. Next comes the conching stage. Conch means "shell" is some Spanish countries. The chocolate's texture, smell, and taste are developed in this step. The product is then refined, meaning that cacao and sugar particles are reduced in size, giving the chocolate a smooth texture. We melt, cool, and then heat the chocolate up again in a process known as tempering.  
Finally we package your Fino Artisan Chocolate.


How do I store my chocolate?

When stored properly, dark chocolate can last up two years. If you need to store your Fino Chocolate for longer than 24 hours, we suggest you follow these tips to ensure freshness:
Store in a cool, dry place. (Ideally between 65 and 68 F) and humidity of less than 55%.
To avoid oxidation, seal in an airtight container.
Keep your chocolate out of both sun and artificial light.
We suggest that you avoid storing your chocolate in the refrigerator, as it can absorb odor and moisture. If you need to refrigerate or freeze your chocolate, we recommend that you wrap and store it in an airtight container.